In today’s newsletter: VfB 2, a detailed preview of the Hoffenheim game and much more. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s go!

Waldemar Anton and Marc-Oliver Kempf are candidates for the national team of outgoing coach Joachim Löw, midfielder Orel Mangala could soon be playing for the Belgian national team and Sasa Kalajdzic is likely to be called up again for Austria at the end of March. VfB is again who on the international stage and has serious candidates for various national teams again after the transfer of Benjamin Pavard. Matarazzo comments:

„I am happy that the players are taking these steps towards the national team. I would definitely be happy if they go to the European Championship.“

Let’s move on to the other divisions of the eV for a moment: As long as the 7-day incidence in Stuttgart is below 100, the VfB field hockey department wants to train. Players under 14 are allowed to play up to zwangzigst without contact. All other players are allowed to play in pairs in individual training without, of course, contact with each other.

Sasa Kalajdzic was interviewed by the Stuttgarter Zeitung:

„When I see where we are in the standings or next to whom my name appears in the list of goal scorers, it’s cool. There are strikers there who have been scoring in the Bundesliga or even the Champions League for years. Still, I don’t want to overestimate my position, but work to keep it going well.“

However, he had made an agreement with his advisor that he would only inform him of interest from other clubs if it seemed important. But that has not yet been the case. In addition, he can imagine playing for VfB „for a very long time. At the moment, the only thing that counts is that he really enjoys playing here.

Let’s take a brief look at VfB’s second team: yesterday, they won 3:1 against Astoria Walldorf. Coach Frank Fahrenhorst said on

We have shown a good performance, have played the opponent, had good ball phases and have come quickly and purposefully towards the goal. The goal against was absolutely unnecessary, because we had control of the ball in midfield. After that, there was always a slight restlessness in the game. In this phase, we have to be calmer and play the game home confidently.

Let’s now look ahead to the game against Hoffenheim, which takes place today at 6 p.m. live on Sky.

First, I want to share a little bit of what the opponent thinks about VfB. At the Kehrwoche newsletter, Nico wrote the following preview:

The last duel of the two teams last fall ended with 3:3, a similar high-scoring game is quite conceivable due to the good condition of both teams.

Philipp Pentke and Kevin Vogt, who were last injured against Wolfsburg, should return to the squad, while Stefan Posch, who was last infected with COVID-19, could at least take a place on the bench. Unfortunately, the long-term injured players are unlikely to make a comeback in the foreseeable future.

In addition, Nikolas (RNZ) has said the following about the strengths and weaknesses of Hoffenheim:

A look at the personnel is actually enough to realize that the game forward must be Hoffenheim’s strength. Under Hoeneß, the team has improved especially in the switching game. Under his predecessor, Schreuder, it was often too static, too cautious. On the other hand, what has been a common thread throughout the round are sometimes hair-raising defensive blunders. „Hoeneß often calls these „cheap goals. If they were to be eliminated as far as possible and the chances were to be exploited, the two biggest problems would be solved.

The Stuttgarter Zeitung has conducted an interview with Hoffenheim coach Sebastian Hoeneß (Dieter Hoeneß‘ son and Uli Hoeneß‘ nephew). Two quotes about it:

„I can feel how automatisms are now making themselves positively felt on the pitch. We still have a few absentees, but for the first time I was able to send at least eight of the same players onto the pitch in two games in a row. That gives structure and security.“

And what does VfB fan Andreas think at the Kehrwoche Newsletter?

On Sunday at 6:00 p.m., Matarazzo’s charges get a visit from Sinsheim. In the time-honored Neckarstadion, the traditional Swabian team will meet TSG Hoffenheim. The team of patron Dietmar Hopp was able to stabilize after a disappointing first half of the season and Europa League exit against Molde FK and won 2-1 in Wolfsburg. Defensively, Kempf and Co have to watch out for Kramaric in particular. The Croatian scored most recently against Wolfsburg, ending Koen Casteel’s streak of 674 minutes of play without conceding a goal. Offensively, the strong combination of Sportsfreund Sosa and Sasa Kalajdzic could be good for a surprise again.

In conclusion: I don’t want to give an election recommendation for today, just this much: Go vote!


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