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It feels like VfB is heading back into calmer waters. Apart from a boil-up next Monday, when Claus Vogt and Thomas Hitzlsperger will give their joint press conference, there probably won’t be too much more to come from the topic of the „data protection affair,“ with the exception that there’s still a lot of dirty stuff in the Esecon report that we haven’t been able to read yet.

Accordingly, the first topic I want to bring to your attention today is an election. The election for Saša Kalajdžić as the player of the month. For that you can click on this link – for the podcast listeners in the show notes.

The second news already deals with a small preview of the match against 1899 Hoffenheim on Sunday. Because, as noted by Stuttgarter Zeitung, the game starts at 6 p.m. on Sunday, which is exactly when the first forecast of the state election – which, by the way, is relevant for both fan camps – will be announced by SWR. Therefore, it would probably be better if both teams do not score any goals in the first minutes and around the 30th minute, because they are likely to be missed by some fans. By the way, according to the DFL, it does not take into account elections, but only team requests and major events. However, I don’t know which major events have to be taken into account in the current situation. Presumably this was simply not thought through by the teams and the league and it will probably not have too great an impact. But it is remarkable in any case.

Another piece of club news: Andreas Waldner, son of VfB legend Erwin Waldner, has spoken out in Stuttgarter Nachrichten. Volker Zeh had written an open letter to Claus Vogt to admit him to the election after all and this letter had also been published with Waldner as a supporting name. Waldner said in response:

„In fact, my name is under Volker Zeh’s open letter, however, before the letter was published, I was neither informed about its content nor asked whether I would like to sign it.“

Inventing names to suggest a larger base of supporters is an interesting tactic. It tends not to provide credibility. In the same article, however, Waldner also hinted that he would like to apply for the position of board member for marketing at VfB AG. However, I would like to report on this in the next few days when more information has become known.

With that, I’ll close the newsletter for today and wish you a nice Friday!

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