Today it will be a bit more detailed again! I’ll be covering two topics today: First, the press conference with coach Matarazzo before the game against Hoffenheim, but first the scheduling of the general assembly by Claus Vogt and Rainer Adrion.

General assembly 2020/2021 fixed

Claus Vogt and Rainer Adrion, the two people active in the presidium of VfB, have set the date for the general assembly 2020 and 2021. This is to take place on Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 12 noon. If possible, if the Corona situation allows, as a presence event, if not either as a hybrid event with attendees and members in front of the screen at home, but who will also have the right to express opinions and, of course, the vote.

What kind of voting will there be? All offices of the VfB eV must be newly determined without exception: The president will be newly elected, the two presidium colleagues and the nine club advisory boards, for which there are different requirements depending on the office. Which exactly, you can read on the website of the VfB. In addition to the elections, the discharge, the usual reports from the departments and the opportunity for debate are also on the program.

Until 19.4. the applications for the presidency offices must arrive, until 18.5. the applications for the association advisory board offices. Also important: All statute applications for the originally planned meeting of the members now in March keep their validity, apart from the deselection applications for persons, who resigned in the meantime and whose offices are again selected in July anyway. Further deselection motions would therefore make no sense anyway.

In my opinion, an important sentence is still at the very beginning:

„This was decided by the presidium of VfB Stuttgart 1893 e.V. in consultation with the club’s advisory board.“

Claus Vogt, Rainer Adrion and the club’s advisory board are thus once again pulling together, which is quite pleasing considering the trench warfare of recent months.

Press conference with coach Matarazzo

This brings us to the second announcement of the day: the press conference with Pellegrino Matarazzo. Here, there are pleasing and not so pleasing news. Let’s start, I’ve learned, with the positive:

Nicolas Gonzalez won’t be ready against Hoffenheim yet, but he will be ready against Bayern the following week. His injury is probably healing according to plan and he’ll be fit again soon. Saša Kalajdžić and Silas are both likely to be at the game, however, even though they were given a rest earlier in the week due to knee problems.

Hamadi Al Ghaddioui, who had to miss a long period of the first half due to a pubic bone injury, has suffered a syndesmosis tear and will probably be out for four to six weeks. How much bad luck can a player have in a season? Certainly not more.

By the way, Matarazzo is not worried about Europe. „Two weeks ago we were still talking about the relegation battle and now about Europe. That goes fast,“ he says in the press conference. He will only think about it when relegation is no longer an issue. So there will be no talk of Europe from the Stuttgart side before the magic points mark of 40.

Tomorrow, VfB’s direct rivals will play, with Stuttgart the last team to play on Sunday. We’ll have the preview on Sunday morning, of course!

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