VfB loses 3:2 after a hard fight against Borussia Dortmund.

The game started quite nervously, Dortmund wanted to take control early, which they managed to do quite well. VfB rarely came compellingly in front of the goal, had significantly fewer chances and was soon 5:0 behind in the corner ratio. If, then the VfB created danger via its switching game, where it could become dangerous even after the first wave had been broken off. Through consistent counter-pressing, VfB won balls again and again. One of them Kalajdzic passed to the left side and trotted into the center of the penalty area, while Sosa cut one of his perfect crosses into the Stuttgart evening sky. Sasa Kalajdzic jumped higher than anyone else and headed the ball like a banana over an astonished Marwin Hitz into the Dortmund goal in the 17th minute. The score remained like that until the break, even though Dortmund invested a lot.

That only paid off in the second half, when BVB fit through Stuttgart’s defense with great combinations and plenty of grateful space, and in quick succession first Bellingham in the 47th minute and then Reus in the 52nd minute turned the game around for Dortmund. In the 50th minute, Kempf also conceded a yellow card, which means he will be suspended against Union Berlin next week.

After that, a more open game developed, in which VfB acted more nervously, but still came to some chances, although often the last pass did not reach the teammate. Dortmund also had chances and dominated the game for long stretches.

In the 65th minute, Stuttgart couldn’t get the ball out of the back and gave Dortmund a triple chance, first with Reus and later with Haaland. In the direct counterattack, Coulibaly missed free standing from 5 meters after a beautiful half-high cross from substitute Didavi.

The same missed the goal just 5 minutes later, when he shot off the Dortmund opponent with a side-footed shot, and again 3 minutes later, when under pressure from the edge of the penalty area, he only managed to get a shot off. Then in the 78th minute he made everything perfect when he scored 2:2 after a catastrophic mispass from Dortmund and two quick passes from Sasa and Coulibaly almost free on goal.

The equalizer then held for 3 minutes until Ansgar Knauff, after a Stuttgart throw-in and two quick combinations, outran three Stuttgart players and slid flat into the right corner for another Dortmund lead.

In the aftermath, VfB threw a lot more forward and actually managed to push Dortmund, who were less and less willing to take risks, further and further back. Erik Thommy just missed the goal with a great corner kick in the 88th minute.

After 94 minutes, it was all over in Stuttgart. VfB sold well against a strong BVB, which was very strong at the beginning of the second half, thanks to unnecessary mistakes and inconsistent passing. So well, in fact, that Marwin Hitz was still scared enough of VfB to receive a yellow card for time play before a goal kick. BVB wins 3:2 in Stuttgart.


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